Ogata Kamio

b. 1949

Standing round concave-mouthed neriage (marbleized) vessel with pleated surface of gray, white, black, and teal colored clays, 2013
Marbleized stoneware
13 x 10 in.
Inv# 8185

Artist Bio

1949 Born in Iwamizawa-city, Hokkaidô
1983 Built a kiln in Shinshinozu village, Hokkaidô
1992 Became an official member of Hokkaidô Ceramic Art Association
1994 Retired from teaching ceramics at the Shinshinozu Institute for Handicapped People
2003 Became an official member of Japanese Crafts Society



1984 Entry to All Hokkaidô Ceramic Exhibition (thereafter every year until '00)
1987 Award, All Hokkaido Crafts Exhibition
1988 Awarded Hokkaido Newspaper Prize, Japan Ceramic Exhibition: New Works (also in '95 and ‘05)
1998 Awarded Judge Special Prize, the 3rd Mashiko Ceramics Competition,Tochigi (also in '00)
2000 Entry to the Crafts Competition, Takaoka
Judge Special Prize, Mashiko Ceramic Exhibition
2003 Join Japan Craft member
2005 East Japan Area Prize, 45th Traditional Art Crafts New Work Competition
Silver Prize, The 3rd The Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition

Solo exhibitions:
1991 Daidô Gallery, Sapporo (also in '93, '94, and '96-'00)
1994 Aterier M, Hino (also in '96, 98, '00, '02)
2001 Gallery Kôgei Murata, Ginza, Tokyo
2002 Tokyo American Club, Tokyo
2003 Nakamura Bijutsu Salon, Shimodate (also in ’05, ’08)
2004 Inui Gallery, Akasaka, Tokyo
2005 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo
2006 Marui Imai, Sapporo
2007 Raku Bidô Chatô, Yamagata

Group exhibitions:
1985 Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition (also in '95, '02-'04)
Eastern Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition (thereafter every year)
1986 Chûnichi International Ceramic Exhibition (also in '87)
1997 Five-artist exhibition, Tachikichi Gallery, Kyoto
1999 The 30th-year Anniversary of Hokkaidô Ceramic Art Association Exhibition, Hokkaidô
2000 Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition
The 5th Silver-hawk Internet Exhibition, US
2002 Group exhibition of 6 local artists, Yûbari Municipal Museum, Hokkaidô
Mashiko Ceramics Exhibition, Mashiko, Tochigi (also in '04)
2003 Japan Ceramics Exhibition (also in ‘05)
Forms of Ceramics Exhibition, Ceramic Art Center, Ebetsu, Hokkaidô
2005 The First Kikuchi Biennale, Tokyo
2006 Cool & Sopshisticated: Contemporary Master Ceramists of Eastern Japan, Ibaraki
Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki
2007 Asahi Ceramics Exhibition
Chôsanshô Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition

US public collections:

New Orleans Museum of Art, LA
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN

"Ceramics of Traditional Crafts," Honohô Geijutsu. vol. 79. 2004.

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