Kishi Eiko: A Delicate Balance & Kondo Takahiro: Silver Mist

March 3 – April 16, 2005

Press Release

Barry Friedman Ltd., a leading gallery in twentieth-century arts, and Joan B. Mirviss
Ltd., a specialist in Japanese works of art, are pleased to present solo exhibitions by two major
ceramic artists from Kyoto, Kishi Eiko, and Kondo Takahiro. These internationally known
ceramists offer the American public a rare look into the world of contemporary Japanese
ceramics derived from the aesthetics of the ancient capital of Kyoto. Each artist approaches his
and her work with extremely different techniques and aesthetics ranging from the centuries-old
tradition of using colored clay inlays in stoneware forms to porcelain constructions that require
four separate firings, using glazes of silver, platinum and gold.