Art & Antiques Magazine

March 2016


Fujikasa Satoko (b. 1980)

Hiten; Seraphim


Stoneware with white slip-glaze

25 x 23 1/2 x 17 in.

Walters Art Museum

Photography by Yano Masaya

Art & Antiques March 2016 magazine published the article Floating Earth, which delves into changes as well as traditions within the world of Japanese contemporary ceramics. Fujikasa Satoko, who recently received the Takashimaya Art Prize, was selected for the cover of the magazine with her stunning artwork, Seraphim. Also included within the article are the works of Kaneta Masanao, Kawase Shinobu, Tashima Etsuko, Koike Shoko, Miyashita Zenji, and Fujino Sachiko.

Congratulations to these talented artists who have truly made and continue to make significant and innovative contributions to their field.


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