Fujikasa Satoko Receives Takashimaya Art Prize

Joan B Mirviss LTD is thrilled to announce that the Takashimaya Art Award, presented by the Takashimaya Cultural Foundation (Takashimaya Bunka Kikin), has been betowed upon Fujikasa Satoko. This highly prestigious award, established in 1990, is bestowed upon an artist who represents the highest level of Japanese art and design. By receiving this award, Fujikasa joins the ranks of many other prominent artists such as Ogawa Machiko (1991), and Tashima Etsuko (2004) for ceramics, as well as Fukumoto Shihoko (1996) for textiles and Tanaka Nobuyuki for lacquerware (2003), to name a few. Furthermore, beginning in January and continuing into March 2016, two photographs of her absolutely captivating sculptures from our solo exhibition last September, entitled Flowing I and Wind Direction, will be displayed in Takashimaya Tokyo Nibonbashi’s show window to mark this event. These works embody the quintessence of her particularly fluid and energetic aesthetic, which, at its heart, seeks to emulate the splendor of nature.

With Fujikasa’s most recent sold-out exhibition at Joan B Mirviss LTD and an extensive waiting list of curators and collectors, it is apparent to all who behold her work that no one is more deserving of this honor. Congratulations!