Jennifer Joseph, Nancy Sutor, and Fujino Sachiko: August Gallery Hop in Santa Fe

Hannah Hoel

August 22, 2012

Some are large rectangular platters or V-shaped vases in thick terracotta clay with supposed flowers meant for the V's dip. Kondô Takahiro's small box glistens like humid fairy dust in a silver mist glaze and Hoshino Kayoko creates shallow irregularly angled bowls that appear architectural with their incised vertical lines and silver interiors. Amid Desert Bloom, Sachiko's A Moment in White looks like an incredibly elegant meteor rushing through space. The artist has a background in textiles and fashion design, which certainly shows in her sensual nebulous creatures. The base of this egg-shaped sculpture is a flat disc that breaks off into frayed strips so as to drape around and meet at the head. Here they promptly twist and close up like an artichoke. Sachiko's surfaces are porous with pale bluish gray surfaces like a pumice stone.

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