1953 Born in Gojyou-zaka Kyoto Japan  
1974 Graduated from Doshisha University  
1978 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts  
1992 Graduated from Royal College of Arts, UK

Solo Exhibitions:

1986 Akasaka Green Gallery, Tokyo
Seibu D.S.Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Nakamura, Kyoto
Gallery Maronier, Kyoto
1988 Akasaka Green Gallery, Tokyo
1989 Koyanagi Gallery, Tokyo
Kuroda Tôen, Tokyo
Shou-enn, Tokyo
2010 Zetterquist Galleries, New York, NY

Awards and Group Exhibitions:

1985 Japan Ceramics Art Exhibition (Foreign Minister's Prize)
1986 Chûnichi International Ceramic Exhibition (Second Prize)
1986 Kyoto Prefecture Corporation of Arts & Crafts Exhibition (Governor of Kyoto Prize)
1989 Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition Grand Prix
1990 Solo Exhibition (Akasaka Green Gallery:Tokyo)
   MOA Museum Mokichi Okada Award (Grand Prize)
   The Now in Japanese Ceramics-Messages from Artists in Kyoto
1991 Solo Exhibition (Sagacho Exhibit Space:Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition (AZ Gallery:Tokyo by SEIBU)
   Goto Memorial Foundation Award (Young Artists Prize)
   Japan Ceramics Corporation Award (Grand Prize)
1992 Solo Exhibition(Installation in North Yorkshire Landscape)
Group Show(Fruits of Fruits in Royal College of Arts)
The Now in Japanese Ceramics-Messages from Artists in Kyoto Part Ⅱ
1993 Solo Exhibition by Pieces of Glass (Akasaka Green Gallery:Tokyo)
1994 Solo Exhibition (Gallery KOYANAGI :Tokyo) \, Sponsord By GOTO Memorial Foundation.
   Solo Exhibition (Akasaka Green Gallery:Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition (Masuda Studio :Tokyo)
1995 Solo Exhibitions (UKOU-TEI:Odawara / HIEN-SO:Kyoto )
Solo Exhibition titled A MEMORY SEEN IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT 1995 (Espace OHARA:Tokyo) Sponsoerd by OHARA-RYU.
1996 Kyoto Prefecture's Culture Award (Young Artists Prize)
   Solo Exhibition (Aoyama Green Gallery:Tokyo)

1997 The United Methodist Church( at Soho )
Zetterquist gallery
Koyanagi Gallery Tokyo
1998 Akasaka Green Gallery
1999 Niki gallery Tokyo
2000 Akaska Green Gallery
2001 Gallery Koyanagi
Takashimaya Galleries (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto)
Matsuzakaya Gallery in Nagoya
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
2005 Matsuzakaya Nagoya
2006 Tôji: Avant-Garde et Tradition de la Cèramique Japonaise, Musée national de céramique Sèvres, France
2009 Mirai no takaramono; The Future's Treasures, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Nihonbashi, Osaka, Shinjuku, Kyoto

Public Collections:

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

Selected References:

Christine Shimizu, Tôji: Avant-Garde et Tradition de la Cèramique Japonaise, Editions de la rèunion des musèes nationaux, Paris, 2006