Blessing Ceremony

July 25, 2007

The Sekiguchis

Rinnoji Temple

Press Release

On Wednesday morning July 25, the Abbot (Jûshoku) Kazuhiro Sekiguchi of Rinnoji Temple in Nikko, Japan (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) will perform a blessing ceremony at the new gallery of Joan B. Mirviss, Ltd at 39 East 78th Street at Madison Avenue. According to Japanese custom, either a Shinto priest or Buddhist monk administers this ritual (jôtôshiki) during building construction when prayers are recited, after which sake is served to attendees.

Abbot Sekiguchi has already blessed Joan B Mirviss, Ltd. in a dedication ceremony held at Gomadô, the prayer hall of Rinnoji Temple, which is a celebrated place of worship that can trace its history back to the year 766 CE. This ceremony takes place to assure the future success of the business, and to invite supportive spirits to reside in the gallery. The religious wooden plaque created for that purpose during the ceremony will be transported to New York by Abbot Sekiguchi and installed in the ceiling of the new construction. At that time he will don his traditional ceremonial robes and perform this time-honored ritual.