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The Collector : Japanese Contemporary Clay Art with Joan Mirviss

The Collector : Japanese Contemporary Clay Art with Joan Mirviss

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Contemporary Japanese ceramics stand at the top of artistic imagination, traditionally seen as the ultimate expression of Japanese spirit, art, and daily life. Over the past two decades, a new generation of ceramicists have redefined and reshaped clay art, formulating their own personal imaginative statements, and taking ceramics to new horizons. It has become a specialized area of collecting, which attracts passionate and dedicated collectors fascinated with the ambitious achievements in the clay medium.  

Our Next ZOOM Gallery Talk

November 5, 2020, 5pm EST

Our latest online Zoom event unites some of the most important artists in Japan today. They are joined by New York-based ceramic artist Jeff Shapiro for an unmissable conversation among groundbreaking artists in clay. Based on an exclusive launch event in Tokyo for The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Ceramics last year, we now open up that conversation with a new panel of artists and to share with a wider audience. Singled out for their pioneering work, each artist has masterfully balanced tradition and innovation. As their longtime dealer, Joan B. Mirviss brings together these leading lights of contemporary clay for a very special conversation, which she will also moderate.

Akiyama Yō is Japan's most distinguished clay sculptor and has been widely celebrated over the years for his groundbreaking work. He has received some of Japan's most prestigious grand prizes.

Kitamura Junko was featured in seminal American exhibitions focused on Japanese ceramics, which travelled to thirteen museums worldwide. Along with her husband Akiyama Yō, she is currently exhibiting at our highly-anticipated gallery show.

Kondō Takahiro was born into a renowned ceramics family in Kyoto but has quickly distinguished himself with bold new techniques and forms. His works are in prestigious international museum collections.

Nakamura Takuo, born Kanazawa, works in a modern synthesis of various styles and has made tradition new again in surprising and very personal ways. He has exhibited in and is widely collected in many countries.

Jeff Shapiro, a ceramic artist based in upstate New York, studied Bizen ceramics with a Living National Treasure while living in Japan for nine years. His work has been exhibited internationally, and he has given workshops and seminars around the world.

The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Ceramics

The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Ceramics

This eye-opening, bilingual book by Joan B Mirviss has over 100 illustrations including those of museum exhibitions from across the US and numerous comments by collectors and curators. This engaging volume is now available through the gallery for $49 including domestic shipping.  

Please email to arrange your purchase by credit card.