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A leading participant in the second generation of female ceramists to change the landscape of Japanese contemporary clay, Fukumoto Fuku draws inspiration from the heavens: the moon, sun, and stars. The soft radiant white of the unglazed porcelain is highlighted by brightly colored, shiny glazes in varying tones of blue ranging from teal to powder blue that cover a single surface of each of the stacked elements. The artist uses the medium as her guide through the artistic process as her forms emerge from a reaction to the behavior of the clay during the throwing process.

Fukumoto originally pursued ceramics to distinguish herself from her parents, both successful textile artists. She explored the world of Japanese clay during her undergraduate studies but focused on porcelain during her graduate studies at Kyoto City University of Arts, working under Akiyama Yo, a celebrated ceramic sculptor. Despite her youth, Fukumoto has achieved great recognition for her works, which are held in museum collections in Japan and the United States.