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Press Release

Tea wares of Japan

A virtual exhibition. Online only.
Beginning July 6, 2020

In the Zen tradition, preparing tea is seen as a method of self-cultivation. The Japanese have practiced tea ceremony for centuries. Great attention is paid to the aesthetics and story told by the host's choice of chawan (tea bowl), chaire (tea caddy), mizusashi (water jar) and other utensils. This exhibition features interpretations of these wares by artists such as AJIKI Hiro (b.1948), ISHIGURO Munemaro (1893-1968), KAMADA Kôji (b.1948), KANETA Masanao (b.1953), MORINO Hiroaki Taimei (b.1934) SETO Takemi (b.1958), and SUZUKI Osamu (b.1934)  among others.